Preferred Vendors

Below is a handy list of our preferred vendors, who have experience with successful events at our venue. We would recommend any of them for your event!

Black Eyed Pea

Contact: Debby Collie

303-688-4321 Website
Deshebrado Catering

Contact: Alyssa Ramos

303-594-0297 Website
Heart’s Desire Catering

Contact: Becky Behunin

303-423-1500 Website
Mile High Catering

Contact: Dan

303-549-3300 Website
Rocky Mountain Catering

Contact: Robin Berhost

303-216-0553 Website
A Spice of Life

Contact: Emily

303-443-4049 Website
Jules Gourmet Catering

Contact: Julie

303-926-1303 Website
Relish Catering & Events

Contact: Karen

303-727-9200 Website
Three Sons Italian Restaurant & Catering

Contact: Michael Scarafiotti

303-455-4366 Website
Rib City

Contact: Dana Hallen

303-422-6400 Website

BelViso Professional Makeup

Contact: Lindsay Miller

303-292-0997 Website

Clear Creek Carriage Company

Contact: Margaret Blaha

303-704-2717 Website
Kodiak Ranch

Contact: Gary Reiner

720-939-7977 Website

Aunt Martha’s Events

Contact info:

303-960-5544 Website
All Well Rents

Contact info:

303-935-7705 Website

Ben Hammond

Contact: Ben

941-323-1912 Website
Heart Strings Harps

Contact: Rebecca Moritzky

303-763-8701 Website
Michael Lancaster

Contact: Michael

303-765-1245 Website
Ptarmigan String Quartet

Contact: Victoria Bryan

303-444-6765 Website

Olde Town Flower Shoppe

Contact: Courtney or Diandra

303-424-3033 Website
Petals Colorado

Contact: Lora

720-636-4857 Website

Das Meyer

Contact info:


Memorable Ceremonies

Contact: William E. Miller

Rev. Chris Mohr

Contact info:

303-986-2022 Website

Onsite Photo Booth

Contact: Randy Miller


Event Angel

Contact: Leah Mangel


Cocktail Caravan

Contact: Samantha Rubin

720-598-2998 ext 1 Website
Mix and Shoot Beverage Services

Contact: Evan Davis

303-249-0407 Website
Molly’s Spirits

Contact: Joe Peters

303-684-3794 Website
Lisa Nieto

Contact info:

Peak Beverage

Contact info:

720-722-1140 Website
The Tasty Tavern

Contact: Julie Branch


Be Your Own Guest

Contact: Kelleen Trostel

303-810-6768 Website

Iron Fusion Design

Contact: Victoria Patti

303-579-3128 Website

Seated Elegance

Contact: Margret Larned

303-550-9007 Website

A Max Wedding Production

Contact: Mike Ross

917-864-3863 Website
Colin Lee Films

Contact: Colin Rickman

720-299-0380 Website
Reflections in Video

Contact: Lawrence Alexander

303-369-5151 Website

There are no listings at this time. Please contact us for referral information. Thank you!

Premier Charters Denver

Contact: Ryan Benjamin

303-289-2222 Website
West Wing Shuttle and Limousine

Contact: Christopher Kopf

720-728-9914 Website

Theme Party Creations

Contact: Tessa

720-365-3926 Website

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