About Us

About Ralston’s Crossing This one-of-a-kind setting, in a 1910 brick chapel and its 1.5-acre grounds, is a unique combination of historic and modern.  It boasts ample room for family, friends, and colleagues, while retaining an intimate feel. We are located in a century-old former church, the only remaining building in the once-thriving community of Ralston’s Crossing on Indiana Street near Arvada, Colorado. We have transformed this historic landmark into a showplace for YOUR event. Ralston’s Crossing features both indoor and outdoor facilities for almost any gathering – weddings, parties, corporate functions, family reunions, etc. , all in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. This is also the home of Randall’s Photography at Ralston’s Crossing. Randall’s Photography has used this facility since 1996. We have merged the two businesses into one location to better utilize the unique facility here. Because a photographer designed the renovations, the building and grounds also lend themselves to timeless memorable photographs. Brief History The community of Ralston’s Crossing was founded prior to 1859. It was a stopping point along a stagecoach route to the Wyoming border, according to Matthew Prythero of the Arvada Historical Society. At its height, the community included around 800 to 900 residents, boasting a grocery store, hotel, blacksmith shop, post office, school, cemetery, and three churches. The town center was near the present-day intersection of 64th and Indiana streets in Arvada. The town officially ended in the early 1920s. The Ralston Presbyterian Church was dedicated on May 21, 1911. The basement of the structure was used by Enterprise Grange as a local meeting place, for many years. For almost 85 years, the church building hosted various church congregations, until 1996, when Randy and Cheryl Miller purchased the property as the location for their business, Randall’s Photography. The property backs to Arvada’s new Equestrian Center, which has more than 30 acres of open space. This year, to mark the 100-year anniversary of the building, the Millers restored and renovated the structure and grounds. They named the new venture after the town that once surrounded the property: Ralston’s Crossing Event Center.